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10 Bleps That Prove a Cat is Cutest When Its Tongue is Out

The Blep: An adorable phenomenon that involves the protrusion of a cat’s cute pink tongue, often due to forgetfulness. 
Here we observe the blep in its many beautiful manifestations. [distractify]

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“ما تتركني هيك، عم فتش عليك،
بأسفل كل الكأس، بين تخوت الناس،
بتوهم وجك، وبنادى اسمك،
كأنه موشوم عشفايفي بسموم،
مزجها عفريت بحبر مميت،
ما له دواء بخيبة الهوى،”


- Mashrou Leila’s “Ma Tetrikini Heik

eliaa’s translation:

Don’t leave me like this, searching for you
At the bottom of every empty glass, in the beds of others
Imagining your face, calling your name
As if it is tattooed on my lips with poison
Written by a demon with deadly ink
There is no cure for love’s disillusionment

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Brainstorming for our obra maestra. #paintingactivity #adventuresinresidency
First time I sharpened a pencil for someone :)) good luck @hazeofgray!!!! #boards2014
Tonsillitis be damned @c_cells


Marvel Comics is making Thor a woman.  From Time Magazine:

TIME: How do you think this will impact fans who have been with the male version of Thor for such a long time?

Jason Aaron, writer of the Thor series: If you’re a long-time Thor fan you know there’s kind of a tradition from time to time of somebody else picking up that hammer. Beta Ray Bill was a horse-faced alien guy who picked up the hammer. At one point Thor was a frog. So I think if we can accept Thor as a frog and a horse-faced alien, we should be able to accept a woman being able to pick up that hammer and wield it for a while, which surprisingly we’ve never really seen before.

Time: Marvel Comics Writers Explain Why They’re Making Thor a Woman

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My type of band


My type of band

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Reading together.

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Ever finished a book? I mean, truly finished one? Cover to cover. Closed the spine with that slow awakening that comes with reentering consciousness?

You take a breath, deep from the bottom of your lungs and sit there. Book in both hands, your head staring down at the cover, back page or wall in front of you.

You’re grateful, thoughtful, pensive. You feel like a piece of you was just gained and lost. You’ve just experienced something deep, something intimate… Full from the experience, the connection, the richness that comes after digesting another soul.


It’s no surprise that readers are better people. Having experienced someone else’s life through abstract eyes, they’ve learned what it’s like to leave their bodies and see the world through other frames of reference. They have access to hundreds of souls, and the collected wisdom of all them.


Beautiful read on why readers are, “scientifically,” the best people to date

Perhaps Kafka’s timeless contention that books are "the axe for the frozen sea inside us" applies equally to the frozen sea between us. 

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